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Custom Homes

Whether you choose an on-site build or an RTM (ready-to-move) home, all of our homes are custom-built 100% to our clients specifications. We are here to help you design a home and choose features that best suit you, your family and your unique tastes, whether it is stone fireplaces or laminate vinyl plank/hardwood.

Our unique levels of standard features below allow us to have a starting point in which to build from, both in regards to the actual construction materials as well as a pricing starting point.

Energy Efficient Home

Our energy efficient home spec for both RTMs and on-site construction is the most popular starting point for the majority of families. New Generation Homes has made an environmental commitment to include as many energy efficient materials as possible as a part of our standard features.
Standard Custom Built RTM Home Spec

Energy Efficient Upgrades

If cutting down the allergens in your home and the cost of your electricity bill is a top priority, we offer many building material upgrades that will make your home even more energy efficient and provide cleaner air for your family. Ask us about the available upgrades.

On-Site Construction

While we specialize primarily as an RTM home builder, depending on the location of your property and style of home you desire, we offer on-site building services.  We can help you to decide which build makes more economical sense for your new home.

We can also help you with the on-site construction required to get your lot ready for the delivery of your new RTM. We have access to trades in certain locations that can help you with the construction of the foundation, plumbing and electrical.