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Process of Building an RTM

RTMs have come a long way from the modular-style home they once were. They can now be compared apples-to-apples with on-site constructions, with the main difference: they are built at our controlled construction site and then moved onto your basement or concrete foundation. Simply stated: If New Generation Homes has to build it to move it, we have to build it BETTER and STRONGER.

How is this advantageous to you?

A controlled environment makes for happy workers and they, in turn, help us build better homes. Our dedicated crew can tell you how many times they’ve worked up to their knees in mud at an on-site build; and how they much prefer to build on our property. That’s why they continue to want to work for us, and make it easy for us to line up our trades. This saves both time and money.We can help to control the hazards of the traditional job site and therefore control the down-time.

When there are questions for the foreman, there’s no need to wait because his office is on-site. What tradesperson doesn’t like to have his questions answered as they come up?

Your Responsibilities in the Building Process:

We can help to guide you through and, in some locations, have the same crew that installed your plumbing in your RTM, as an example, can come out to finish on your lot.

Our Process

Most of our RTMs are designed, built and delivered in 10 – 12 weeks. More complex plans with many custom details, may take up to 16 weeks.


At our initial consultation, we will discuss the different types of building services we offer and help you decide which makes the most sense for your new home. We will explain everything from the design and building process to the delivery of your home and what services need to be arranged at your property.


Bring in your ideas and sketches and we will help you design your dream home. Not sure exactly what you want? We’ve built many homes before and can show you some of our past plans that you can customize to your needs.


We can provide you with an estimate based on the plan that best suits you and the features that are important to you.

Plan & Deposit

We ask for a small deposit once you’ve settled on your floor plan so that we can move forward with the official blueprints and additional planning. This way, we can work towards narrowing down your costs as well as scheduling for a start date of construction and possession date for you.

Firm Quote & Contract

Based on your design choices, we provide you with a final quote and our contract so that there are no surprises.


This is the fun part for everyone. We have a talented designer who works with us and our customers on every new home. The choices are endless when it comes to siding, shingles, flooring, kitchen cabinets, countertops and paint colours. She can help us make your dreams become reality.


Throughout the construction process, you are more than welcome to come and see the progress of your home. Just let us know, and the hard hats will be waiting so we can walk you through your home.


We will coordinate all the necessary documents, insurance and transportation required for moving your home to your property. Many of the questions we receive on a daily basis surround this part of the process. Read our frequently asked questions page for more information regarding moving the home.


Some of the finishing details are dealt with at the home’s permanent location. Additionally, some exterior details, such as stucco may be performed by a contractor of your choice. These details vary from home to home and are determined at the contract stage as well as in some instances at the final location of your home.